Monday, October 27, 2008


Memorable Team Names List - Fall 2008 (Verbatim):
  • Drunkin' Rednecks
  • 2 Chicks, 6 Sticks
  • 8 Piece Chicken Dinner
  • Blind Squirrels
  • Little Stanky & the Nuts
  • Off In the Shower
  • Get Chitty
  • Paul's Gone Postal
  • Shoot the balls Beat Butt
  • Thwart Evil Part III - "Back for the Attack"
  • Balls-N-Holes
  • The Whole Fam Damily
  • Breakin' Wind
  • CSI:Mayberry

Pat On the Back

I was stopped Thursday night at a host location and told that I was appreciated. The Captain told me how happy he was with being able to log on to our website the day after playing and ALWAYS see handicaps updated by 5pm. I wasn't sure anyone noticed this and was glad someone did! I do bust my tail to make sure this is done and glad to be appreciated. Thank you and your welcome Captain from Ale House!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Such Thing As Too Much Fun?

When the question "Is there such a thing as too much fun?"is posed to one of my Thursday night teams, the answer is always a proud "No". Ask the players on the team how many points they have so far this session, most players on the team shrug. Ask them how many good songs were on the jukebox tonight or how many times they made fun of each other, they can tell you within a close margin of 1 or 2.
They typically are the loudest and laughin'est team at a place and really take to heart the notion of "win or loose...we know we will always have a good time". (Can M.S. get a timeout please?!?!?!)
Good deal H.F.T.B. and thank you for making me smile on Thursdays!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Problems? What Problems?

In a division that gives me little grief there is one individual in particular that gives me hope my job means something to someone. (After the occasional night of more than one issue and/or complaint, sometimes I REALLY wonder what this is all for. I mean, it's not like I'm out there curing cancer or anything.)

From what I've been told, this woman has had a tough time in life recently. She's had multiple personal problems but seems to be on the up and up lately. She confided in me that, in spite of her problems (no correction, because of her problems) she has turned to and found solace in pool. She uses practice and league play along side a desire to be the best she can be to rise above her issues. She is playing several nights a week around people that support and care about her on her rode to recovery. She never complains and seems genuinely excited about pool and always appears to have a good time. (I think she's even going to start her own team next session!)

Hearing her story last night really helped me to take my focus off the few (but seemingly repetitive) issues that can plague my nights from time to time. I, instead, began to recall the many members in 8 Ball Express that have a great time and enjoy the game. The majority should be controlling my job satisfaction, not the minority right? (Hey, I'm a member myself and know that I L-O-V-E my 9-Ball night out!)

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Girls

Last week I met two amazing sisters (J. & C.).

They play pool three nights a week, travel frequently (at least once a month from what I could tell), get manicures/pedicures, wear bright pink lipstick, stop smiling only to laugh and playfully flirt and tease all the guys. Oh yes...did I mention they are both at least in their 60's?

Good for them and what great role models for those of us who believe you never stop living if you chose to get out there and live it up!

Monday, October 6, 2008

First Post

Ah, the first post!

Basically, my job as the Charlotte Area League Administrator for 8 Ball Express is so full of interesting things that I just had to start a Blog about them all.

As to not offend, I will use initials instead of full names and try to limit any negative things or exclude idle gossip.

Enjoy the ride!