Sunday, December 20, 2009

Wishing You and Yours...

I am pretty much done for the session, going to enjoy some much needed R&R. I do have my cell phone and will answer any calls or return voice mails within 24 hours.
I will be at Badfish Billiards in Matthews this Wednesday around 7pm helping a brand new team of people out of a brand new bar learn about 8 Ball Express - scoring, handicaps, etc. Come on out for some fun if you are interested. I promise to be drinking and B&S-ing for pretty much the whole time. Come join in the merriment! :)
Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

True "1" Test

New 8 Ball Express test to determine who is a true "1". If you learn something from this clip, you get to be a "1" handicap. (And I'm not talking about the flossing part.)

How to Chalk a Billiard Cue -- powered by

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Playoffs Got You Wound Up?

Playoffs got you wound up? Check this clip out!

Good for a chuckle in the middle of these very serious playoff times:

Monday, December 7, 2009

Rack 'Em Pub & Billiards - Matthews, NC

FYI: Ever tried to get a team into Rack 'Em and you couldn't? Got privy to some info. and wanted to pass it on ASAP.

This upcoming session there are a few openings you may be interested in. If you want to play, please let Bob/Blake, the bartender or us know before week's end.

Space availability is first come/first serve.

Sundays - Inhouse 8-Ball. There is an opening for a team and possibly a few slots for players. Great relaxed division and a great way to start the week!

Mondays - May have some availability for a travel 8-ball team.

Tuesdays - Travel 8-ball and 9-ball. Travel is contained pretty much to a five mile radius and lots of fun.

Wednesdays - Travel 8-ball. Travel is contained in a five mile radius.

Thursdays - Inhouse 8-ball & 9-ball travel. With the addition of 3 more 9-ball teams an inhouse could be created. This Inhouse 8-ball division produced last Winter's $10,000 winning team, so the competition is high but the people are friendly.

Email for more info.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Playoffs Are Coming!

As both a friend and a league manager, kindly let me offer the following tips to those who will be in the playoffs to ensure a safe and happy holiday post-season:

  • Two people will step to the table, one will win and one will not. Accept this and move on. Do not talk bad about their mother or question their moral up bringing if you loose. You just look silly and I may have to laugh at you and include you in a future blog post.

  • I don't care how good a player is or what your put up strategy is, if a player is drunk or drinking heavily, play them early or not at all, then call a cab. You can check with the bartender before hand if not sure or make them do a practice lag to judge. If the ball flies off the table, ends up in a pocket or they try to lag with a coaster, just go ahead and bench them. They probably weren't going to win anyways.

  • The rules are the same in post season as in regular season. Keep this in mind during the regular season AND the post season. While it's not right, if during weeks 1-13 you've let opposing teams go over the handicap limit, take 20 minute time outs, run late and then weeks 14-playoffs turn around and hold them to every rule in the book, don't be surprised if they don't exactly send you a Christmas card or ask for a group hug when it's all over. How about, for the most part, sticking to the rules through the Session to avoid this sudden change of good will. This will help people learn rules and hopefully avoid unnecessary confrontation. Chances are you will see your opponents again/play against them after all is said and done, so treat them accordingly.

  • Week 2 of the Playoffs is not the optimal time to bring up handicap questions. If you see something Playoff Week 2 you've never seen before, like a 2 running racks, ok then, it is the optimal time. But if you've known/suspected for a while that a handicap is not right, let us know as soon as you can. If you know something isn't right the ENTIRE Session or even the 2nd half of it, but only let us know if your team looses AFTER the matches are all done, the situation is a lot messier than it has to be. We can handle the issues much better if we know there may be an issue AHEAD of time. Contact right now if you have a handicap complaint or if you think there may be another issue at a match coming up.

  • Don't take out your issues/stress/problems on your opposing team or your league manager. Hey, we've all got problems these days. How about you leave yours at home and let everyone have a good time! If you can't don't be surprised if you are removed from the league. One bad grape will not be allowed to spoil a bunch (or a division).

  • 8 Ball Express is competitive but above all else it's about coming out each week and having a good time.

Now, good luck and have fun!

Friday, November 27, 2009

New Divisions Forming For Jan 2010 Play!

In case you are interested, there are some new things happening in our area for next session.
New Divisions:
* There will be a Wednesday 8-ball Inhouse out of Sharky's in Mint Hill with a min.
of 6 teams. If you are interested, let Sharky's or me know.
* New Tuesday 8-ball Travel Division forming on the North/West Side of Town. New locations include an awesome new bar that recently opened in the old Derita Station location. It's now "Da Bear's Den" (as in The Chicago Bear's) and they really did a great job with remolding and offer a full kitchen, patio and tons of tvs. Let them know if you want to play Tuesday 8-ball travel.
* Open spot in Tuesday 9-ball travel for 1-3 teams.
* New teams forming out of the recently opened "Bad Fish Billiards" in downtown Matthews. Check with Danny Caldwell for more info. Travel any night S-Th 8-ball or travel Tues/Thurs 9-ball.
* New locations joining and looking for a few members such as Yesteryear's, Five Steps, Sharky's, Da Bear's Den, Bear's Lair, Jillian's, Bad Fish Billiards and a few others. If you are interested, email me at
There are some more things in the works and we are VERY excited about 2010 and hope you are too!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Video Encyclopedia of Pool Shots


"I'm very excited to announce the release of the first DVD in an instructional series I've been working on with Tom Ross this past year. The series is called: The Video Encyclopedia of Pool Shots. If you are interested in checking it out, I have a video trailer for the entire series near the bottom of the page here:

The first disc, which includes 1 hour and 27 minutes of video, covers basic shot making and position play. Video excerpts for a collection of shots from the DVD can be viewed online here:

Here's the outline of the entire series, and here's the complete list of shot categories included on Disc I.

The series includes over 750 shot categories within 50 different major categories, with over 250 "gems" of the game. We think, and we hope you agree, that the series is the most comprehensive collection of useful pool shots ever published (and demonstrated).I think Tom and I made a good team for this project because he is an experienced player, coach, and instructional columnist, and I have more skills on the understanding, illustration, and explanation side of things. I hope you guys like our stuff. We have worked really hard on this project ... months of planning, months of filming, and months of editing and production. It has truly been a labor of love.Please check out all of the video clips online. Also, if you think the series might be of interest to others, please help spread the word.

Thank you for your time,
Dr. Dave"

Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday, October 30, 2009

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

See You Next Tuesday and the Next One and the Next One

Tuesday night was so much fun! I got to stop by and see so many teams, but not everyone unfortunately. I saw old friends and met new ones and really had fun. Thanks Tuesday teams, I needed that!

Getaway was full of fun as a team that is struggling to hold it all together that had nothing but bad news all week managed to pull together and hammer out a few wins. Yea!!! :)

Found out that a new location for the Winter, Sharky's in Mint Hill, will be offering free Bar-B-Q, a band, and FEMALE BIKINI JELLO wrestling this Halloween. Never seen that before, might have to check that out.

Bear's Lair in Indian Trail was so much fun. I'm really liking the crowd in there. I am looking forward to seeing the fun levels increase with the hopeful passage of liquor-by-the-drink next week.

Green Room was Green Room, a warm and strangely comforting stew of John's Facebook activity discussions, Lori's overall lead over Sean in stats, met the new group that's under careful watch of Erin (Hey Tony!) and much more.

And Rack 'Em, oh Rack 'Em. Seeing Donny on the Diamond and listening to Tiger talk about how great he is, how else would I finish up my night? ;) (Nothing but love guys...)

There's more than enough stress and bad news all around these days. Nice to get out and have some fun!

And FYI in case you didn't know... Mexican Lunch Wednesdays are supposed to make Tuesday evening hangovers all better. Try it sometime!

Monday, October 26, 2009

8 Ball Express Presents "Come Out & Play" 9-Ball Tournament

8 Ball Express Presents "Come Out & Play" 9-Ball Tournament
Chance to Come Out & Try 8 Ball Express’ 9-Ball Format, Have Fun & Win Prizes!


* Single Player Tournament
* Modified Single Elimination
* $10 Entry Fee
* 100 % Payout = 1st 70%, 2nd 30%
* Race to Best of 3 Games
* Handicapped - Play at:
- Current 9-Ball Handicap, if none then...
- Current 8-Ball Handicap, if none then...
- Will Handicap You Based on 1st Match
- Handicap = # Balls Must Be Made Before Shooting 9-ball
* Giveaways/Prizes For:
- 1st 8 Ball Express Member Out
- Last Female Standing
- And More!
* Will NOT Affect or Determine Handicaps In Regular League Play
* Play Both 8-ball & 9-ball league for chance at $20,000!
* Come out & have fun!

The Other Woman Sports Bar
7200 Albemarle Rd.
Charlotte, NC 28227

CELL: 704.654.1522 OFFICE: 704.545.3599

Click for flyer:

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mid Session Fun

Since we are half way into the session, thought I'd have a little fun. My 7th inning stretch, if you will. Random snippets I've heard around the league lately:

"Yeah, I had to explain to my mom what 'tea bagging' is. I tried to tell her in an email, she couldn't open it, then called me for an explanation." EW! Moms and xxx rated things just don't mix. Why did he look so surprised when I quickly returned to my side of the bar?

"We are changing our team name to 'We Like the Taste of Windows But Our Helmet That We Have To Wear Because We Are So Stupid Gets In the Way and That is Why We Don't Like Helmets'. What do you mean you can't fit that on a scoresheet?" Seriously, can't make this stuff up.

"I'm playing so great I bet I get to be a 7 soon. Oh, wait, our top heavy team can't play me if I'm a 7. Never mind, did I tell you how bad I am playing lately?" This was actually a serious conversation on his end.

(Said by a man to me) "I want to see you mud wrestle that guy over there that works for another pool league. He can borrow my thong. It's a white one that I am wearing inside out and he'll be cool with it." THIS was a joking conversation, but I don't think the guy from the other pool league found it funny. I did.

"How do you rack for a 9-ball game? Do you just turn the triangle sideways?" And he almost beat the very drunk 1 handicap he was playing. Almost.

I could just go on and on and on sometimes. These quips make the late nights interesting, that's for sure! Bank that in a pocket for the win 8 Ball Express members.

Friday, October 16, 2009

So...What's Up?

So...what's up? Questions? Comments? Complaints? Compliments? No news is either good news or REALLY REALLY bad. I'm going with good. :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Old Rack 'Em is Now BAD FISH Billiards

The old Rack 'Em in downtown Matthews is open and now "Bad Fish Billiards". The owners, Danny and Julie Caldwell asked that I spread the word they are looking for 8 Ball Express teams to play in their location. Here's some info:

"Badfish Bar & Billiards is a new pool hall located at
343 West John Street, Downtown Matthews 704-246-8373.
Our league players receive free pool all the time unless we have a waiting list.
We have:
Eleven 9ft Brunswick pool tables
One 7ft Coinop pool table
One 10ft Billiard Table
Liquor Beer & Wine Espresso Bar & Gourmet Coffee Drinks
Island Oasis Frozen Cocktails
Island Oasis Smoothies
Free Pool for League Members Offering Tournaments & League Play for 8ball and 9ball
Poolplayers & Darters Wanted
Come Watch the Panthers With Us!"

If you are interested in playing the Winter Session, (starts Jan 4) stop by or call 704-246-8373 and let Danny know.

Friday, October 2, 2009

The Whole Enchilada

This weekend is the End of Session Championship for 8-Ball teams from the Summer 2009 Session & 9-Ball Teams from Winter/Summer 2009 Sessions.
Even if you are not playing in it, I always recommend members come and check it out to see what it's like, and to watch and support people you've played with and against. Also, when your team makes it, you'll know what to expect!

Friday-Sunday, Oct 2-4, 2009 @
Rack 'Em
1898 Windsor Square Dr
Matthews, NC 28105-4662
(704) 847-7665

The rounds will be played:
* 7:00 p.m. on Friday (1st Round)
* 12:00 p.m. on Saturday (1st Round)
* 5:00 p.m. on Saturday (2nd Round)
* 1:00 p.m. on Sunday (Semi-Finals)
* 5:00 p.m. on Sunday (Finals)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Help! They Neeeeeed Somebody! Help!

Hey there mid-to-high ranks. Yup, I'm talking to you 5-8's. Your attention is requested!
I ran across a team of mostly women tonight, new to the Tuesday night 8-ball travel division. The highest rank on the team was 4, 3, 2, 1 and 1.

Here's a classic scenario I'm guessing happens way too frequently: There was an adorable little brunette that called a time out the last game and no one, I mean NO ONE, on the team could give her one. They just all kinda sat there, shaking their head saying "We don' know what to tell you." so she had to turn around and shoot a random shot. Seriously. And if you guessed nothing went, bingo. (BTW, a nice guy on my team had already coached her through two shots, but I guess my team thinking enough is enough just left it to them for the final game.)

This team needs you! They've got two or three slots open and are VERY willing to accept help. They play out of "The Getaway" and are a fun loving bunch of ladies with a few gents. If you are not to busy bringing sexy back and are interested or know someone that would be a hero for the group, let me know!

FULL DISCLOSURE: At this point in the session, they are in last place, but not by much. There is still time to be a hero if you know of one.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wow, Engineering At It's Fugliest!

This formation of a ball return system out of Mountain Dew 2 liters bottles reminds me of people's efforts to manipulate the scoring system.
The people that built this must have spent a great deal of time and effort cutting the bottles, taping them together, making sure the angels were right and the balls could make it down the tunnels and into the box. All that time, effort and man hours spent doing something they think would make the game easier INSTEAD of playing the game of pool, which, when you own a pool table, is what it is supposed to be for.
Also, at the end of the day, they still have to bend over and take the balls out of the box, two or three at a time, which is a probably harder than the two players simply walking around half the pool table and pulling the balls out of the pockets closest to them. Oh yeah, and it's ugly as hell too.

Moral to the story: Play pool, have fun, and stop trying to manipulate sh*t. :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Monday, September 21, 2009

Genus Species

Check out some of the more interesting team names that have popped up this session:

  • "Woosa" - The Other Woman"Us Against Ya'll" - The Getaway
  • "Thunderballs" - Rack 'Em
  • "The Legion of Doom" - Silver Dollar
  • "The Wild Ones" - Mickey's 109
  • "The Shafts" - JP's
  • "The Pervs" - Rack 'Em
  • "The Joe Rogers Experience II" - The Green Room
  • "Pocket Rockets" - Moxie's Bar
  • "Play the Damn Ball" - The Green Room
  • "Ms. Kitty and Her Litter" - Getaway Pub
  • "Hustlin' 8" - On the Hill Billiards
  • "Have Cue Will Travel" - Getaway Pub
  • "Hangin' & Bangin'" - Rack 'Em
  • "Goonies" - Whooli's Sports Bar
  • "Dream Killerz" - The Green Room
  • "Do You Need to See That Again" - Getaway
  • "Da Law" - FOP Lodge #9
  • "Cre8ive" - On the Hill Billiards
  • "Boom Boom Pow" - Tailgator's (*Love that song!)
  • "Aces & Deuces & Jim" - JP's
  • "2 Chicks 6 Sticks" - Sherry's

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Who's 8BE's Biggest Fan?

I've had an 8 Ball Express "Group" on Facebook for a while, but have finally decided to switch over to Fan pages for 8 Ball Express as a whole and then seperate pages for each franchise area. Check out "8 Ball Express" fan page here and in this' Blog's side bar:
8 Ball Express:

8 Ball Express on Facebook

8 Ball Express - Charlotte:

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rock the Vote!

REMINDER: As teams finish out this week and their Week 3 score sheets are mailed out you will find ballots for the new Playoff format proposal with them.
Don't forget, for every team you play with you are entitled to one vote.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Warning, System Overload

Just so you know, the first week of each session is a busy week for me. VERY busy week.

So, if you cross my path and I seem a bit frazzled or am frowning, your best bet is to back away slowly and just text me from across the room with your question. 704.654.1522. (This is pretty much goes for any night I'm not smiling.)

Monday, August 31, 2009

Local Tournaments

Looking to improve my game and for advice on how best to do it.

  • Do local tournaments help?
  • What do you think about playing in singles tournaments in relation to weekly league play?
  • Is it worth ponying up the money if I get knocked out in the first round?
  • What about scotch doubles?
  • Would that help?
  • Are some tournaments around better than others?

Let me know, post a comment or email (BTW - added some new tournaments to Host Location Tournament Listing)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bonus Point Opportunity - SOS Meeting

REMINDER (Be There or Be Square)
Fall Start of Session Meetings w/Summer Session Awards & Tournament Board Draw -

Friday, August 21, 2009

See You Next Tuesday!

Hey guys, got a Tuesday 8-ball travel slot open.
Limited travel at this time in the Matthews/Southeast Charlotte area.
Great fun and good competition.
Let me know!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

BETA VERSION: Team Registration Form Online

Doing a test run of a new form. Would you use this to resign a team? Email suggestions/comments about form to (particularly if you encountered an error.)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Playoffs, Playoffs, Playoffs

At this time, the Playoffs are in full swing.
Note to all 1st place teams, don't take the Wildcard team for granted. Wildcard teams, if you can, try to get the 1st place teams drunk. Seems to work... :)
Good luck to everyone playing this week and next and hope to see you at the next End of Session Championships! Oct. 2-4 at Rack 'Em in Matthews, NC.

Friday, August 7, 2009

(Secretly) Rolling My Eyes at You

Just so you know, if you are one of the surprisingly many people I have had the following conversation with lately, I am secretly rolling my eyes at you.
Person: I want to play 8 Ball Express/Get my own 8 Ball Express team.
Me: Great!
Person: I only want to play on 9ft tables that are in brand new condition.
Me: Ok...
Person: I don't want to travel.
Me: Ok...
Person: I need to play with low ranked players.
Me: Ok...
Person: I need to play with hot chicks with low handicaps
Me: Ok...
Person: I need to play with low-ranked hot chicks and you have to find them for me.
Me: Ok....
Person: So, yeah, I ONLY want to play at one location, with 9ft tables in brand new condition, with hot chicks that have low ranks and against more hot chicks.
Me: Ok...
Person: Plus, all of the chicks have to be single and think I'm cute.
Me: Ok...
Person: And all must have poor moral fiber.
Me: Ok... (looking for closest exit)
Person: And I get up early for work so you'll have to play me 1st. (Added 8/1
Me: Ok. Well. Oh no! I think my car is on fire...gotta run!
Due to the sudden increased frequency of these conversations, I am beginning to wonder if 8 Ball Express is being accidentally advertised as a fantasy hotline. Wouldn't be surprised at this point. ;)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

More Sundays With 8 Ball Express

FYI - Two other Sunday Divisions exist in Charlotte in addition to the new 2pm Sunday travel division we are starting on the South side.
  • 4:30pm - Inhouse at The Getaway Pub. Spots open for players.
  • 7pm - Rack 'Em. Opening for team of players. As far as I know, most of the teams are full, but Rack 'Em can accommodate additional teams due to more tables.

If interested, either email so I can point you to a team or simply show up at either location the 1st Sun in Sept and let the bartender know you are looking to join a team.

Monday, August 3, 2009

End of Session Meetings

The End of Session meetings are coming up. Reasons to make sure you and your team mates make it out:

  1. This is where you get your playoff score sheets.
  2. Get information about what to expect in the playoffs, format wise, if you've never been to them. Get information on when and where the next End of Sesion Championship will be.
  3. Get a voice in discussions about any upcoming changes we may be thinking about. At past meetings the discussions were begun about offering the $10k cash prize (league voted yes), sending twice the teams to the End of Session tournament (league voted no), etc.
  4. Free giveaways (free memberships, t-shirts, zippos, etc) for answering rules questions. (FYI - This is really to help EDUCATE everyone about commonly asked questions we get.)
  5. Ask questions that you may have and get instant and direct answers. Anything - rule questions, prize and trophy info, tournament information, what ever you've been wanting to know but hadn't got around to emailing or calling the office about.
  6. If your team is not in 1st-3rd place after playing week 14, you can't be in the wildcard draw without a team membe/r present.
  7. Catch up with people you may have played with or against in previous sessions. Visit, socialize, keep in touch! Helps with recruiting for your own team next session or pass the word around if you want to join a team. In this world of blogging, tweeting, posting online, face to face interaction still gets the best results in my opinion.
  8. Check out the competition. If your team makes it through the playoffs you may just end up playing someone at your meeting at the End of Session Championship, depending on location.
  9. Chat directly with the League founder, Kim, to voice your opinions, suggestions and thoughts. And watch out....she's a hugger! :)

So, see you, my Charlotte members, at The Creek Lounge, 9007 Monroe Rd, Charlotte, NC 8/9/09 at 3pm.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Pineville - Sunday Afternoons Spent with 8 Ball

Sunday afternoons at 2pm there will be an 8 Ball Travel Division in Pineville. If you are interested, let Kim or I know. Because, well, Sunday afternoons mean no late nights out playing pool! Gotta love that right?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Preparing Lower Skill Levels For Higher Competition

Think your team has a good chance of making it to the playoffs/End of Session Championship? Or do you want to get there in the Fall Session?

Have you got a 1/2/3 on your team that may to crack under pressure? Why wait until the playoffs to get them used to competition? Check out some of the weekly tournaments in the area and get them used to playing under the pressure. Don't wait until playoffs!

Friday, July 24, 2009


True story - A man walks into a bar (to drop his paperwork) and hands it to the bartender. "Does Dino still work here?" he says. The man behind the bar responds "Yeah, dude, I'm Dino." Man then says "Oh, take your glasses off." Dino does. The man than leans forward, leans back and says "Sh*t I'm drunk." and walks out to his waiting driver.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Free Membership Won!

Congratulations on Tony Herrick's correct answer of - "It's a cue extension ...for use on those long shots by those players who hate to use a bridge!" in the first ever "What is that billiard item?" He will receive his free membership at our End of Session Meeting.

SIDE NOTE: I had planned on publishing all submissions, but, well, I don't feel comfortable typing them. Is EVERYONE'S mind in the gutter lately!?!??!?!?! Or are most items in billiards really just phallic symbols?

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Win a Free Membership!

Win a Free Membership! -
First email I get telling me what the below item is and what it is used for will win a Free Membership for next session. Good luck!
*Not the lighter, the big thing next to it.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Oldie But Goodie

I think I've found the oldest pool hall in Charlotte run by some of the oldest pool players in Charlotte. No, really. (The two owners probably have a combined age of over 150.)
Ever heard of Pass Time Billiards on Central Ave? I didn't think so. Or, for those of you that have heard of it, ever been inside? Didn't think so. I ventured in the other day, even though I've been told that it's the type of place that isn't really "league orientated", but was pleasantly surprised. (I do think this may have been true in the 90's, but no longer seems to be the case.)

When I did walk in, the hallway with the giant mirror threw me off, I'll admit that. But then I turned the corner where I encountered a handful of silver-haired men pretty much lounging around talking shop with each other. They got very quiet upon seeing me, I guess I wasn't the average looking customer, but were polite and listened to my explanation about 8 Ball Express and our teams in the area.

As I spoke I gazed around the room and saw 8 VERY carefully kept tables, 3-9fts, 2-8fts and 2 bar boxes. The tables looked a bit dinged and possibly original to the building (27 years old) but the rails were firm and the cloth was new. They also have a wonderful 10ft American Snooker table with tight rounded pockets and were mildly surprised that I a)knew the dimensions and b)asked if they played Golf on it after noticing the regulation balls. (Go me!)

The location itself is reminiscent of a scene from "The Color of Money"; large, somewhat dark and bare, with a great original Ms. Pac Man game and an old school jukebox. The walls were covered with all types of great old posters, fliers and boxing match advertisements. I got the impression that it was the type of place, opening at 11am, where a person could go and quietly spend an afternoon, practicing without much disturbance or interruption. Of, if you were looking to see some very high quality playing to help elevate your game, you could find it there.

The place has been there over 27 years and has seen the Plaza-Midwood area cycle from bustling and new, to old and neglected and now to hip and trendy.
The guys wanted me to let people know Pass Time does currently host league matches and is open to having 8 Ball Express teams. If you are interested just let them know!

The two co-owners are wonderful, friendly, and full of stories of the ever changing billiard scene of Charlotte and the surrounding area. Go check them out sometime for a bit of this town's history that, judging from the kind lines on their faces, may not be around forever.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New In-house Division Forming for Fall of 2009 - Bear's Lair

New Places, New Faces

Lately I've had some inquiries from potential new 8 Ball Express host locations in different parts of town that want to join 8BX. I've also stopped into a few taverns, bars and pool halls that don't currently host teams to let them know about 8 Ball Express and have had some good responses. :)
If you are interested in playing/visiting somewhere new or with/against some new people, just give me a shout and I can arrange to talk with them or drop off some info.

Monday, July 6, 2009


Here are some recent questions I've been asked with their correct answers -
  • Q: During a push time out in 9 ball, is the opposing player allowed to speak to their coach? A: Yes
  • Q: Marking the pocket 8 ball - What do you do when your opponent is busy talking, etc and you are trying to call a pocket? A: Yes you must get the acknowledgement of the other player or if you can’t at least get the acknowledgement of their score keeper.
  • Q: How do the playoffs work in a 4 team division? A: First place gets a BYE for the 1st round of playoffs and 2nd plays the wild card team. The winner of that match plays 1st place the next week.

For more Q&A's check out -

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Long Time No Post...Again!

Sorry for the long time without a post.

Got a great set of rule questions I've been asked while out and about. I'm just waiting on verification of final answers from Kim before I post them along with the questions.

Give me about one more day and they will be up.

Hope you had a wonderful 4th of July weekend! :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

EUE and Corrections

Hey, let's just start this post out with a note of the fact I am human and so are you, our members. That being said, moving on!

8 Ball Express does utilize a complex handicapping formula that takes into account everything on the carefully designed scoresheets completed and turned in each week. Rarely does a mistake happen, but they do. I have found after many years of working around leagues that this is entirely due to, at the end of the day, the process relying on people, both you AND me. You: what is filled out on the scoresheet and Me: keying the data in to the system.

For example, while this happens only OCCASIONALLY, if a scorekeeper mixes up who won a game in a match that went hill/hill, then goes back and crosses the column out (plus draws arrows or pictures to explain what they re-marked etc), well, I might be confused and key in the wrong win or loss.

Usually I can decipher the scrawls and scribbles that come in front of me, but sometimes even the Rosetta Stone couldn't translate what I see. Then, on top of this, sometimes the team Captains don't fill out the win/loss totals at the bottom correctly (or at all) so I think everything is ok. IF this happens, teams can sometimes end up with the wrong point totals for the week.

So, in case you didn't know, in the event some human error occurs in your division and you happen to notice, just give a quick call to the League Office and we'll pull the actual paper score sheets out to reverify the info/compare with data entered and fix it, no problem.

Or, hey, if I'm out until 1:30am waiting on a ridiculously slow match and then key in the scores on minimal sleep, occasionally I make a mistake. Like, say, giving a team double bye points (6) and accidently catapulting them from 5th to 2nd. If you happen to notice something odd like a team winning 6 points the previous week, feel free to call and we will fix the problem. Then, continue to feel free to make fun of me the next week when we happen to play each other. Finally, feel free to sucker me into buying you a beer to make up for it. (Hey, sh*t happens ok?!)

I stand by the 8 Ball Express system, 100%, but it's the people on both ends (myself and my members who drinky-drinky) I'm not always sure about. But, after the hangovers and sleep deprivation are over, we always get it worked out.

So, the moral of the story is, if you see something that doesn't look right, give us a call at 704-545-3599 or 704-654-1522 and everything will corrected.

Friday, June 19, 2009

About Time for My Own Cue

After years of playing with a house stick, I've been convinced I need my own. So, as of now, I am causally looking to buy a pool cue. Not really my 1st, but it's the 1st I'll own in a long time.
Basics of What I Want:
  • 19.5oz weight
  • Linen Wrap
  • Wood with inlays
  • Not sure what type of tip I want/need

Suggestions? Know of anyone selling a used one? Email me at or 704-654-1522. Thanks!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Overheard Gems and Jewels

Some Random Overheard Things So Far This Session:
  • Player to Captain -P: "Er, what time you got there?" C: (Glances at watch) "Uh, it looks to be right about beer time."

  • Player to Player Upon Arriving at League - P1: "Can I slide my stick down right beside you?" P2: "Ok, but my wife might not like that too much..."

  • Members Discussing a Very Hot Past Team Mate - "She was, um, well sculpted".

  • Player After Missing a Shot - "Not enough English, too much French."

  • Discussing a Shot Where the Cue Ball Flew Up in the Air and Landed back on the Table After Making Legal Contact With Object Ball - P to himself quietly while shrugging: "I don't know what the hell kinda shot that was..." C to his own player while laughing: "It was a good hit, that's what it was!"

  • Random Bar Patron Remarking To Himself After He Was Brushed Off By a Woman - "Well damn, every one's single after 6 beers ain't they?!?!"

  • Player Calls Time Out, Contents of Time Out Discussion - Coach: "I can tell by the way you are hitting that you need a beer. Whatcha drinking?" Player: "What the hell kinda time out is this?" But then player wins game and time out coach yells out "See, beer, it does a body good!"

Friday, June 12, 2009


Remember that scene in The Color of Money where Paul Newman tells Tom Cruise to stop picking his nose in the pool hall? Neither do I. But don’t tell that to Keith O’Dell Jr., the two year old pool ace who didn’t hesitate to mine for a few nose goblins on BOTH Good Morning America and the Today Show. It’s an intimidating move by Keith.
No matter how good you are at billiards, no one is going to want to move the cue ball after he’s done with it. This kid is a natural born nostril hustler. Watch the whole thing for ultimate ickiness and listen for his dad's horribly placed "Yummy!" followed by something about his shirt...ew.
I'm just sad this is what he may be remembered for instead of his shooting ability!
(Saw this clip on "The Soup" on E!)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

7th Week Notice Reminder

REMINDER - Next week is the 7th week of play! Halfway point AND the time were you can't change your roster. Read more here -

Friday, June 5, 2009

I Was Hustled!

Wow, last night I was hustled. I mean, really hustled, and out of Mike C.'s money no less! Here's how it went down.
After my team's 9-ball match ended earlier than usual I headed to one of my stops. After walking in and realizing a match was still going on and I would be waiting, I approached some 8BE members that were hanging out. After pleasantries and "how do you do's" someone threw out a suggestion, "Let's play 3 ball."
This is where I may have gone wrong - "What's 3-ball?" I responded. "Oh you should play!" they over-happily responded. (The following shoulda made me back out gracefully, but being overly tired, I think I missed my exit.) "Do you have some money?" they asked. "Um, I think so I." "If not we'll loan it to you." "Ok, I'm in. Now how do you play 3-ball."
After a brief overview I ponied my money up and we did a simultaneous, 5 person, one armed lag (I don't know, it made sense at the time) to see who would go first. I, of course, lost. All I can say is it went quickly down hill from there.
Then poor Mike C. started loaning me money as I made empty promises of splitting the pot with him until I finally realized I was never coming back. (I forgot to mention I am 2 and was playing an 8, 7/6, 6/5 and 4. )
Oh well, you live and you learn, especially how to avoid being hustled! Now all I have to do is avoid Mike C. until payday... ;)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Monday, June 1, 2009

Internet Take Over

I just realized that in my previous blog post I blogged about tweeting and posted that status to my Facebook page. Wow...I think the Internet is officially taking over my life.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Come Out and See!

This weekend is the End of Session Championship for 8-Ball teams from the Winter 2009 Session. Even if you are not playing in it, I always recommend members come and check it out to see what it's like, and to watch and support people you've played with and against. Also, when your team makes it, you'll know what to expect!

Friday-Sunday, May 29-31, 2009 @
The Green Room
301 N. Polk St., Pineville, NC 28134
(704) 889-2582

The rounds will be played:
* 7:00 p.m. on Friday (1st Round)
* 12:00 p.m. on Saturday (1st Round)
* 5:00 p.m. on Saturday (2nd Round)
* 1:00 p.m. on Sunday (Semi-Finals)
* 5:00 p.m. on Sunday (Finals)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

7 Weeks to Change Team Roster!

Don't forget 8 Ball Express allows until the end of the night you play on the 7th week to change your Team's Roster of players. For the Summer Session, Monday, June 15, 2009 - Sunday, June 21, 2009 is the 7th Week.

* Make sure your roster is complete by this time.

* ALL PLAYERS have paid their $10 membership fees or they will be removed from any teams.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Twisted Tuesdays...

Really Tuesday teams, I mean REALLY? Lol.
Some Tuesday teams have really caught my attention this Session, but I'm not so sure it's in all in good way.
"BIG-TEST-ISCLES" played "B-Low-Us" already this session. Teams are sporting members such as "Bad Touch Uncle" S. along with "Strokin" H. and "Jiggles" F. And what the heck IS A "Moose Knuckle"?
Tuesdays are turning out to be quite the twisted night...

Thoughts & Prayers...

While I try to keep my blog postings light and humorous, it is with a heavy heart I pass the following news on.
I just received word that one of 8 Ball Express' active members, Stephanie Lee, passed away. She was a member of Beth Royer's Wednesday night "Friends & Family" team out of JP's. She has played with the Wednesday night division for some time now and will be missed I am sure. She will remain on the team's roster for the rest of the session, having just played last week. If you play on Wednesdays, please be aware.
Our thoughts and prayers are with her friends and family.

5/20/09 Update: This was sent from Beth Royer, Stephanie's Team Captain and Friend -
"Stephanie Lynn Lee was born on December 6th, 1974 in Hamilton County, Tennesse to parents Stanley Lee and Sheila Hoots. Though she suffered from medical problems her whole life Stephanie never let them hamper her spirit or her determination to live her life. She was an avid pool player, playing 8 Ball Express on Wednesday nights as well as playing tournaments around town. She was also a huge Atlanta Braves fan. Stephanie worked for Wachovia Bank as a Customer Service Representative. Stephanie left us on May 14th, 2009, after only 34 short years. We, her friends who are left, will miss her spirit, her smile; which would light up the room; and the lovely sound of her infectious laughter. We love you Steph.Saying Good-bye to Our FriendOur dear friend, Stephanie Lee passed away Thursday May 14th. She was a beautiful, vibrant, tenacious, loving, smart and funny young woman who was full of life. She was a very tough opponent and anyone who ever played against her can attest to that. Despite a history of medical problems, Stephanie was never one to give in to self pity and would not accept pity from others. Those of us who were fortunate enough to have her as a friend are better for it. She played on Wednesday night with the "Friends & Family" pool team. We as a team are heartbroken by the loss of Stephanie, we loved her very much and will miss her terribly.Beth Royer, Team Captain, Billy Hilton, Hiram Rutledge, Mindy Vanasse, Rob McGhee, Scott Bethune, Doug Griffin "

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Friday/Sunday/Monday Teams

Reminder for Friday/Sunday/Monday Teams:
    • Memorial Day/Race Weekend weekend can mean people are out of town or not around.
    • So, if you need to, it's this week or never!
    • Don't forget to call and let us know you are making a match up so we will pick it up and hold any no shows responsible.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Did you know has a section for some of the most frequently asked questions along with the answers? Find it here:
You can do the following under this section:
  • Read questions with detailed explanations
  • Submit a question you would like to see answered
  • Try your hand at answering a question that is open

Monday, May 11, 2009

Yet Another Overheard Gem

This was sent via text message to me from a player that overhead the following during a match:
"Don't think she's pregnant, it's too jiggly." Wow...let's stick to the game on the table shall we? ;)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tweet Tweet Tweet!

FYI - During the End of Session Championship the results will be Tweeted via Twitter in real time as each match finishes. The Tweets will appear in the side bar here on this Blog (to the right) as well as on in a news article. Check back or subscribe if you are interested!

Monday, May 4, 2009

End Of Session Championship Team Rosters & Handicap Reports - Winter 2009 Teams Now Available Online

End Of Session Championship Team Rosters & Handicap Reports - Winter 2009 Teams Now Available Online:
or here

Summer 2009

The Summer 2009 Session officially begins tonight! Seems like it should be good fun and competitive. Don't forget to play any make up matches ahead of time and let us know if your team is not able to play during regular scheduled league time because of:

  • Memorial Day Weekend
  • July 4 Weekend
  • Mother's Day
  • Father's Day
  • Vacations
  • End of Session Tournament
  • Any Other Reasons

See you out and about!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Playoff Banter

Rundown of Things Overheard or Said to Me During the Playoffs This Session-

1. Overheard someone reading a text message to a team mate - "Mary wants to know how it's going with the blow-up doll. Is it inflated yet?" (A birthday celebration was also held during match and the team Captain received a very interesting gift from her team mates!)

2. Player said to Bartender - "I had to come out of the closet to beat her." Bartender: "I don't want to hear anymore of this story."

3. Male Player said to me - "We won our Playoff match last night and I cried." Me: "Wow, that's very sensitive of you." Man: "I'm not lying." Me: "No, really, I believe you." Man: "I mean, well, I didn't boo-hoo or anything, but I did cry. Just a little..."

I can't make this stuff up! But it makes me nod and smile and enjoy my job! If you made it through the Playoffs, good luck to you at the next End of Session Championship! If you weren't able to, good luck this Summer!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Long Time No Post...

I know, I know. Sorry! With Playoffs and setting up for next Session I've been a bit busy. Promise to have some good stuff in the next few days....

Thursday, April 16, 2009

You Are Special...

FYI - Thought I'd pass this info along...

  • The owner of Caveman's, Tracy, mentioned to me last night that for teams that want to play out of her host location, particularly Tuesday nights, she would create drink specials around what your team members like to drink! Talk about accommodating... They are also re-covering the pool tables in between this Session and next with a high-end felt. Check them out!
  • A new host location that just opened, "Snooker's" on the Plaza (the old Plaza Billiards.) is offering a special. The owner, Donna Burnett, will pay weekly dues for teams that play out of her location. 2918 The Plz (704) 342-2837.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Rule Question...

Actual rule question asked today with correct answer:
Q. If a player gets mad and flips a pool table over on his opponent is that loss of game because the 8-ball leaves the playing surface?

Correct A. What the heck are you doing thinking about flipping over pool tables for?!?!?! (And yes, that would be loss of game.)

I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried! Thank you J.H. for making my blog interesting today. :)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

This Is Your Captain Speaking...

I've heard some talk recently around Team Captains and would like to remind you, win or loose this session, be sure to thank your Captain.
Don't forget, without their relentless organization, phone calls and sheer force of will there would be no team for you to play on each week. All they ask is you thank them by buying them a drink/food/round of songs on the jukebox once in a while, keep score your fair share, make sure that you show up on time, stick around until the end most nights and you'll have a happy Captain. That's all they want really. :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

League Appreciation Nights

  • I was passed a flyer by "The Creek"'s manager, Trish Gunn, on Monday that she wanted me to share with current 8 Ball Express members. It's for those that already play out of "The Creek" or people that are looking to play out of a host location this summer that offers Fun, Food and Friends. I told her I would post it on my blog. Here it is:
    April 20th @ 7pm - League Appreciation Night
    All Current Creek League Players or Those Interested For Summer Play at The Creek
    Free Pizza, Food & Friends... Come and Join Us At The Creek (704-844-6004)!

  • Also just heard The Green Room, Pineville, NC is having an 8 Ball Express appreciation night for their current players and potential members. Will find out the details....

Thursday, April 2, 2009

“Beer-goggle Effects”

As a Captain I've found, and don't think I'm alone here, that when it comes to making decisions on which teammate to play when against who, I've got a whole checklist I go mentally go through. So many people think that your handicap indicates exactly how each player plays. I wish it were so cut and dry, but it's not. (At least not on my team).
Do I think that strong "2's" can almost always beat weaker "3's" and your "8" is a guaranteed win? Nope, because at the end of the day two numbers are not playing, two people are playing.
I've noticed the better Captains of winning teams know people, specifically their own people. One facet of knowing your people is that part you recognize involving alcohol. Some people play better after relaxing after a beer, some play better after extreme relaxing (i.e. a bucket of beers) and some can't hold a stick after a glass of wine.
But do you, the player, know yourself? If you drink during League Night, what is your perceived playing ability? Do you have pool "beer goggles" on top of the same ol' regular"beer goggles"? Check out this nifty chart I found and see where you measure up!Diagram 1 shows the effects of alcohol on both one’s actual level of play and one’s perceived level of play. Also shown is the "beer goggle" curve that illustrates the level of desire for unattractive members of the opposite sex. The horizontal scale on the graph represents the number of beers consumed. If you prefer wine, mixed drinks, or hard liquor instead, the scale will be more compressed (i.e., the effects happen faster).

Curve "A" (the red curve) shows how level of play might actually vary for a typical good player who is not new to drinking. The level of play is fairly good to begin with. As the person drinks 2-3 beers, he or she might actually start playing a little better because the beers might help relax the person (alcohol is a depressant after all), resulting in less tension and a smoother, more accurate stroke. However, as the number of beers is increased, the actual level of play decreases significantly as the level of intoxication increases. Obviously, the shape of this curve and how fast and far it drops will vary from one person to the next. Some people also might not benefit at all from the relaxing affects of the alcohol.

Curve "B" (the green curve) shows one such example. This player is not very good to begin with ... his or her sober level of play is just "medium." Alcohol only makes things worse ... the level of play decreases even with the first beer, getting worse with subsequent beers, especially when alcohol is involved. Inebriation can make some people delusional and affect their judgment.

Curves "C" (blue) and "D" (magenta) show examples of two such people. The curve "C" person is delusional even before the first beer ... his or her perceived level of play is actually higher than his or her actual level of play. This only gets worse with more alcohol ... up to a point (about 6 beers). I call the curve "C" person a "glass-half-full" player, because he or she has an optimistic view of their level of play. As the drop in the curve shows, even an optimistic person with false confidence will eventually realize when their level of play has degraded to a really low level. I call the curve "D" person a "glass-half-empty" player because he or she doesn’t perceive a high level of play to begin with, and the perception goes up only as the level of play goes up (as with curve "A"). Alcohol doesn’t seem to have much effect on the pessimistic curve "D" player’s perception of their actual play (i.e., the curve is fairly horizontal).

Curve "E" (orange) shows an entirely different effect called the "beer goggle effect." I’m sure many people have either direct experience with, or have observed, this effect in action. When you drink too much, your judgment is not as good concerning what you think is attractive or not. With intoxication, and as the night grows later, your level of desire for less-than-attractive members of the opposite sex (or same sex, depending on your orientation) will generally increase. Most people also become less inhibited with alcohol, so they are more likely to "seek" partners, sometimes with uncharacteristic bravado. This might be analogous to a drunken player’s go-for-it attitude and belief that he or she can sink any shot on the table. Before anybody accuses me of being sexists, I want to be clear that these effects apply equally well to both genders. Women can get the same false perceptions and "beer goggles" just like men do.

(Reprinted "Beer Goggles Effect" chart and explanation from Billiards Digest Magazine, June 2008 issue with permission) Link -

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Double Down, Single Hit, Nil

Don't forget this is the last week to turn in team registrations in order to get your two bonus points. Deadline - 4/5/09.
After this Sunday you have 1 week to get 1 point. Deadline - 4/12/09.
After that you just get a smile and a slot to play. :)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Good Hit vs. Bad Hit

How can you tell if a hit is good vs. bad? It can be difficult to determine at times, but here is a great clip from Bob Jewett showing how best to figure it out.
If you are aware of the knowledge in this video, but know someone who isn't, please forward it to them. (Special thanks "Dr. Dave" - David G. Alciatore, PhD, PE with the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Colorado State University for the link!) Let's keep the game on the table instead of arguing about it off it!
Watching the Cue Ball:

Watching Object Balls:

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tony Says...

Tony told me today this Blog is garbage. Apparently when he went to post a reply/comment to a previous post he was unable to. (He couldn't enter in the letter verifications because he saw no letters to verify.)
If this happens to you, email me your response and I'll post it, good/bad/ugly.
If you run into this issue or if this has happened, please email me - and I'll be deservedly ticked off with Blogger. I mean, man, I want to get my money's worth out of this thing...even if it is free!

XX or Just X?

Ever double kiss a cue ball? Would you even know it if you did? Below are links to various clips around double kissing and a high speed video (play in slow motion from the options for the ultimate view) of what a double kiss ACTUALLY is. Also, double kissing the cue ball is a ball-in-hand foul in 8 Ball Express.
Speaking from experience, if you suspect a double hit is going to occur, call a neutral party to watch the hit BEFORE it happens to avoid an argument after the hit.

Multiple Clips/Links: (Thanks Dr. Dave!)

High Speed Video Showing Mechanics of Double Hit:

Double Hits, Frozen Balls and Push Shots:

Double Hit Example (Not the best, but I just like to laugh at how he says"foul"):

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Noding And Smiling Yet Again.

Actual conversation between myself and a player on a team last night (Week 11):

8BX Member: What kind of work do you do?
Dawn (ordering Corona): I work for the pool league, 8 Ball Express.
Member: Oh, I didn't realize there was a business side to it.
Dawn (smiling): Well, it'd be hard to imagine trusting volunteers to distribute $10,000 once a session I would think.
Member: $10,000!?!??! What do you mean $10,000?
Dawn: Well, ok, or awarding the team trip. Volunteers may not have the patience to book it.
Member: TEAM TRIP?!
Dawn: Yes, you know, if you win the End of Session tournament. The dates will be on the website soon.
Dawn: Uh-huh....
Member: I didn't realize you could win something for playing each week! I've been telling my wife I just go out and play pool with a bunch of drunks. I think I'm going to try harder now.
Dawn: That may be a good idea.
Member: I won a blue ribbon once in a chili cook-off, but $10,000 would be so much cooler.
Dawn: Can't argue with that...

Then, the rest of the night, whenever he would catch my eye he would just mouth the words "$10,000 dollars" and I would just nod and smile.:)

Friday, March 20, 2009

I "Heart" Widgets and Tweet 8 Ball Express!

Tired of loging in to throughout the day and not seeing the stats update when you want them? Or logging in, seeing them and thinking "OH MAN! How long has this been up?"

Since I love Widgets and know that, as we near the end of the session, what team is in what place is very important. So, I've added a Twitter Widget and will be "Tweet"ing instant updates for Charlotte teams as I enter the stats each day. They will appear in my blog sidebar above the hit counter to the RIGHT. ----> Check them out!

As much as I would love to do this all session, I'm going to try just limiting it to these last few weeks and playoffs.

Let me know what you think. TMI? NEI? ABCDEFG?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Blah Blah Blah

I'm feeling pretty blah today, so this is all I'm posting.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Your Momma Named You That?!?!

Many moons ago when 8 Ball Express was first being mapped out, the web-based stats program was developed. Part of the development process involved deciding what member information should be collected and stored in order to properly identify players as the numbers grew.
Having been in the South long enough to meet many, many, many people that were named one thing and called another, Kim thought to include a field for "Nickname". This was intended for your "Robert"s being called "Bobby"'s and your "Daniel Jr." being called "Dan".
Somewhere along the line the intent was misread and people started actually writing in nicknames. I'm not talking about the "Beth"s for "Elizabeth"s either. "Tacolicious"...seriously?!?!
Funny thing is, in order to make sure all scores are input correctly, 8 Ball Express asks that you write the nicknames down every time a match is played. This causes teams to call out nicknames during match time to make sure the correct person is written down on the scoresheet.
You tend to recognize 8 Ball Express league play when you hear - "I'm putting Super Pimp Wilson up against Tulip Twanda Poplar Helms." Now how can you not smile and raise an eyebrow at that??
Even funnier is what I've seen at the End of Session Championship Tournament. That's when it really gets good. You see, some divisions/areas are really into it and will throw the craziest nicknames on a scoresheet while some areas are pretty much first names only.
When a team from each meet I usually hear at least one member from the more straight up team say, and I quote, "Your momma named you that?!?!"
Here are some of the more random nicknames I've come across and thought you may get a kick out of:

  • ..•:*¨¨*:•..•:*¨¨*:•.. [Unpronounceable ASCII Symbols] (Greg)
  • Liverdie (Rob)
  • Slick Willie (Dino)
  • Valentino (Todd)
  • Hip hop (Marci)
  • Banana Tree (Kim)
  • Lil' Stanky (Brandi)
  • Betty-Jo Teeter (Sara)
  • Master of Disaster (David)
  • Stank Knuckles McRae (Jacob)
  • Big Balls McGee (Warren)
  • Summabitch (Kenneth)
  • Bobby-Sue Tooter (Mitzi)
  • Smokin' Grassy Cassie (Cassie)
  • The Singing Captain (TC)
  • American Honey (Rhonda)
  • Poppa Smurf (James)
  • Piss 'em In (Shelly)
  • Mermaid (Jean)
  • Little Peanut (Amanda)
  • Dinner Roll (Allen)
  • Ninja Slippers (Brad)
  • Hobblebox (Courtney)
  • Model Citizen (Shane)
  • Lamb Chop (Paul)
  • Barney Rubble (Kenneth)
  • Beth the Rack (Cheryl)
  • Jalapeno On a Stick (Mark)

I'm sure there are all kinds of stories behind these nicknames, some of which I'm a little scared to know. Don't mind me if I ask about them, because I do want to know!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Proof of Goofs

Remember my previous post, "Yes Virginia, There Really Are 1's In the League?" Well, I came across a clip of what I'm talking about and thought I'd post it for your enjoyment!

The beauty of the handicapped billiard league with handicap limits is most people reading this thinking "How can I get that guy on my team?". Anyone outside of league play would most likely be thinking "How can I avoid that guy?" Bonus if you caught the old school exercise bike in the background and noticed the American Flag pool stick he's shooting with.

Monday, March 9, 2009

9-Ball Anyone?

Ever have or want to play 8-Ball Express Nine-Ball ? If not, here are some reasons why you may want to give it a try this Summer!

  1. Improvement: Nine-ball can help improve your eight-ball game by focusing your cue ball control.
  2. Earlier Finishes: Due to the lower amount of balls needed to be pocketed, nine-ball matches tend to finish earlier in the evening than most eight-ball matches.
  3. Lower Ranked Players Can Win Too: 8 Ball Express nine-ball is a straight race to 5 games. You only have to pocket the number of balls equal to your handicap then you can shoot on the nine-ball. (Lower ranked players love being able to win games!)
  4. Combo Shots: Nine-ball can help to improve your combo shooting, as a legal combo pocketing the nine-ball wins a game and players tend to try them more often.
  5. Luck Counts: Since all balls on the table count towards total ball count, as long as you hit the lowest ball on the table 1st, any ball pocketed is good!
  6. Strong Breaks Are Great: Balls pocketed on the break count towards balls made total. If your break is strong, you will be off to a great start!
  7. Push Shots: 8 Ball Express nine-ball allows push shots and, for players ranked 3 & below, push-shot time outs to decide if and where to push.
  8. Independent Handicaps: Eight-ball & nine-ball handicaps in 8BX are independent of each other, and regardless of your current eight-ball handicap, all new players in nine-ball start as 4's.
  9. Reading the Table: Nine-ball helps you hone in and learn to read the table better to plan on next shots.
  10. Every one's Doing It: In recent years, nine-ball has become the game of choice in championship tournament matches in the United States, and more than likely, what you will see the pool pro's playing on ESPN and such.
In addition to the current Thursday In-house and Travel and Friday in house 9-ball team divisions, the Charlotte area 8BX will be offering a NEW Tuesday Travel division for 9-ball teams. If you are interested, let Kim know - 704.545.3599 or 704-607-3797.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Best of the Best of the Best

Want to see the Best of the Best of the Best amateur 9-ball pool players play, local/live/in person? Or...think you are one?
This weekend (Sat & Sun) there will be a tour stop of the "Great Southern Billiard Tour" at Paradise Billiards ( . The tour is run and sponsored by professional pool players that have played around the world and been featured on ESPN. Here's a chance to meet them in person and maybe see them in action. (Myspace page: This particular tour stop is for amateur players and anyone who feels up to the challenge can purchase a tour card and pay entry into the tournament.
Most likely I'll be down there sometime Saturday afternoon checking the action out. If you are in the area, I hope you join in to showcase your skills or stop in to see how these players make running racks look effortless and way too easy!
Also, Paradise Billiards is interested in hosting 8 Ball Express teams for the Summer Session, primarily on Thursdays. If you would like to shoot there just let Arthur (owner) know!
Update: 3/9/09 - Went down to check out the tour stop Saturday night. Larger field with a field of 70+ players, but the tournament staff kept it running quickly and smoothly. Seemed well executed and full of many types of players from different areas around the Southeast. There will be a tour in the near future at Breaker's in Rock Hill if you want to check it out.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jukebox Hero

At "The Creek", my new home on Mondays, I met a very memorable person. Apparently she's been a patron of the location as long as the bar has been around. Just ask her and she'll tell you, almost a 30 year member.If you haven't had the "experience" of meeting Jukebox Mary, you really haven't lived.
She's direct and honest and perhaps the raunchiest person I've ever met. But, in her quieter moments, she's also sweet and sincere, bragging on her husband and the love her of life "Leo" (who she affectionately calls "Daddy") and gushing over the fun times she has as a nanny to the little boy she watches closely over during the day.
She's a character all right and one you won't soon forget! She is as much a part of that bar as the jukebox people play and the bar everyone gathers around each night. Check her out at The Creek sometime and tell her Dawn says hi!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Time for "The Name Game!"

Yes, it's time for the Name Game again! What's that you say? Are we going to put "Banana fanna fo" at the end of every one's name and sing it out loud? No, no, Chuck you are safe this go around.

I just like browsing through the database of team names each session and posting some of the more, um, interesting ones. Here goes the good, bad and the ugly! (In no particular order):

  • 2 Chicks, 6 Sticks
  • Better Late Than Never
  • 3 Piece Chicken Dinner (Down from 8 Piece Chicken Dinner last session)
  • Hangin' & Bangin'
  • Big Sausages, Tiny Muffins
  • Train Wreck (New team in established division)
  • Chalk Dust
  • All Night Long
  • Thunderballs
  • Aight
  • Right On Cue
  • Confused About Something
  • That's My Cue
  • Carolina Pride
  • It's All About Her
  • Use the Force
  • Without a Paddle (Plays out of "The Creek")
  • Have Cue Will Travel
  • Get Chitty
  • Foreplay (Team full of 4's)
  • Paul's Gone Postal
  • Titanic
  • Midnight's Shadow
  • Kiss This
  • Friends & Family
  • Off in the Shower (So when they lose the winning team has to say "We beat 'Off in the Shower'.)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New 8 Ball Express Rule Book - Page Turning Format

For a quick reference guide, check out the 8 Ball Express Rulebook online in an easier to view mode! (Double click for larger size)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Here I Am!

I met someone last night for the, I'd say, 3rd or 4th time. While I remembered him, he couldn't seem to place me with working for 8 Ball Express.
Since I've had the same job/route for the past few years and work all the tournaments and Charlotte meetings, I know I've met many members but realize it hasn't been every member and maybe I've met you only once.
I guess I don't have a memorable face or maybe I just take for granted that people would recognize me out in public, so in hindsight, I'm posting my photo here and reintroducing myself. That way, if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to approach me if I don't approach you!

Dawn Reid, 8 Ball Express Charlotte Area Administrator w/Kate

I know I am terrible with names, so forgive me if I don't recall yours off the top of my head, but I can for the most part remember faces and which team and location you play with.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Stuck Like Glue

Don't forget, this week was (is still for Friday/Sunday teams) the last week you can change your team roster. After this, you're team is pretty much a family...for the next 7 weeks that is! Hope you picked nice "relatives" or you can at least get through the session better than my family gets through Thanksgiving!