Friday, June 5, 2009

I Was Hustled!

Wow, last night I was hustled. I mean, really hustled, and out of Mike C.'s money no less! Here's how it went down.
After my team's 9-ball match ended earlier than usual I headed to one of my stops. After walking in and realizing a match was still going on and I would be waiting, I approached some 8BE members that were hanging out. After pleasantries and "how do you do's" someone threw out a suggestion, "Let's play 3 ball."
This is where I may have gone wrong - "What's 3-ball?" I responded. "Oh you should play!" they over-happily responded. (The following shoulda made me back out gracefully, but being overly tired, I think I missed my exit.) "Do you have some money?" they asked. "Um, I think so I." "If not we'll loan it to you." "Ok, I'm in. Now how do you play 3-ball."
After a brief overview I ponied my money up and we did a simultaneous, 5 person, one armed lag (I don't know, it made sense at the time) to see who would go first. I, of course, lost. All I can say is it went quickly down hill from there.
Then poor Mike C. started loaning me money as I made empty promises of splitting the pot with him until I finally realized I was never coming back. (I forgot to mention I am 2 and was playing an 8, 7/6, 6/5 and 4. )
Oh well, you live and you learn, especially how to avoid being hustled! Now all I have to do is avoid Mike C. until payday... ;)

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