Friday, June 12, 2009


Remember that scene in The Color of Money where Paul Newman tells Tom Cruise to stop picking his nose in the pool hall? Neither do I. But don’t tell that to Keith O’Dell Jr., the two year old pool ace who didn’t hesitate to mine for a few nose goblins on BOTH Good Morning America and the Today Show. It’s an intimidating move by Keith.
No matter how good you are at billiards, no one is going to want to move the cue ball after he’s done with it. This kid is a natural born nostril hustler. Watch the whole thing for ultimate ickiness and listen for his dad's horribly placed "Yummy!" followed by something about his shirt...ew.
I'm just sad this is what he may be remembered for instead of his shooting ability!
(Saw this clip on "The Soup" on E!)

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