Monday, August 31, 2009

Local Tournaments

Looking to improve my game and for advice on how best to do it.

  • Do local tournaments help?
  • What do you think about playing in singles tournaments in relation to weekly league play?
  • Is it worth ponying up the money if I get knocked out in the first round?
  • What about scotch doubles?
  • Would that help?
  • Are some tournaments around better than others?

Let me know, post a comment or email (BTW - added some new tournaments to Host Location Tournament Listing)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bonus Point Opportunity - SOS Meeting

REMINDER (Be There or Be Square)
Fall Start of Session Meetings w/Summer Session Awards & Tournament Board Draw -

Friday, August 21, 2009

See You Next Tuesday!

Hey guys, got a Tuesday 8-ball travel slot open.
Limited travel at this time in the Matthews/Southeast Charlotte area.
Great fun and good competition.
Let me know!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

BETA VERSION: Team Registration Form Online

Doing a test run of a new form. Would you use this to resign a team? Email suggestions/comments about form to (particularly if you encountered an error.)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Playoffs, Playoffs, Playoffs

At this time, the Playoffs are in full swing.
Note to all 1st place teams, don't take the Wildcard team for granted. Wildcard teams, if you can, try to get the 1st place teams drunk. Seems to work... :)
Good luck to everyone playing this week and next and hope to see you at the next End of Session Championships! Oct. 2-4 at Rack 'Em in Matthews, NC.

Friday, August 7, 2009

(Secretly) Rolling My Eyes at You

Just so you know, if you are one of the surprisingly many people I have had the following conversation with lately, I am secretly rolling my eyes at you.
Person: I want to play 8 Ball Express/Get my own 8 Ball Express team.
Me: Great!
Person: I only want to play on 9ft tables that are in brand new condition.
Me: Ok...
Person: I don't want to travel.
Me: Ok...
Person: I need to play with low ranked players.
Me: Ok...
Person: I need to play with hot chicks with low handicaps
Me: Ok...
Person: I need to play with low-ranked hot chicks and you have to find them for me.
Me: Ok....
Person: So, yeah, I ONLY want to play at one location, with 9ft tables in brand new condition, with hot chicks that have low ranks and against more hot chicks.
Me: Ok...
Person: Plus, all of the chicks have to be single and think I'm cute.
Me: Ok...
Person: And all must have poor moral fiber.
Me: Ok... (looking for closest exit)
Person: And I get up early for work so you'll have to play me 1st. (Added 8/1
Me: Ok. Well. Oh no! I think my car is on fire...gotta run!
Due to the sudden increased frequency of these conversations, I am beginning to wonder if 8 Ball Express is being accidentally advertised as a fantasy hotline. Wouldn't be surprised at this point. ;)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

More Sundays With 8 Ball Express

FYI - Two other Sunday Divisions exist in Charlotte in addition to the new 2pm Sunday travel division we are starting on the South side.
  • 4:30pm - Inhouse at The Getaway Pub. Spots open for players.
  • 7pm - Rack 'Em. Opening for team of players. As far as I know, most of the teams are full, but Rack 'Em can accommodate additional teams due to more tables.

If interested, either email so I can point you to a team or simply show up at either location the 1st Sun in Sept and let the bartender know you are looking to join a team.

Monday, August 3, 2009

End of Session Meetings

The End of Session meetings are coming up. Reasons to make sure you and your team mates make it out:

  1. This is where you get your playoff score sheets.
  2. Get information about what to expect in the playoffs, format wise, if you've never been to them. Get information on when and where the next End of Sesion Championship will be.
  3. Get a voice in discussions about any upcoming changes we may be thinking about. At past meetings the discussions were begun about offering the $10k cash prize (league voted yes), sending twice the teams to the End of Session tournament (league voted no), etc.
  4. Free giveaways (free memberships, t-shirts, zippos, etc) for answering rules questions. (FYI - This is really to help EDUCATE everyone about commonly asked questions we get.)
  5. Ask questions that you may have and get instant and direct answers. Anything - rule questions, prize and trophy info, tournament information, what ever you've been wanting to know but hadn't got around to emailing or calling the office about.
  6. If your team is not in 1st-3rd place after playing week 14, you can't be in the wildcard draw without a team membe/r present.
  7. Catch up with people you may have played with or against in previous sessions. Visit, socialize, keep in touch! Helps with recruiting for your own team next session or pass the word around if you want to join a team. In this world of blogging, tweeting, posting online, face to face interaction still gets the best results in my opinion.
  8. Check out the competition. If your team makes it through the playoffs you may just end up playing someone at your meeting at the End of Session Championship, depending on location.
  9. Chat directly with the League founder, Kim, to voice your opinions, suggestions and thoughts. And watch out....she's a hugger! :)

So, see you, my Charlotte members, at The Creek Lounge, 9007 Monroe Rd, Charlotte, NC 8/9/09 at 3pm.