Friday, October 30, 2009

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

See You Next Tuesday and the Next One and the Next One

Tuesday night was so much fun! I got to stop by and see so many teams, but not everyone unfortunately. I saw old friends and met new ones and really had fun. Thanks Tuesday teams, I needed that!

Getaway was full of fun as a team that is struggling to hold it all together that had nothing but bad news all week managed to pull together and hammer out a few wins. Yea!!! :)

Found out that a new location for the Winter, Sharky's in Mint Hill, will be offering free Bar-B-Q, a band, and FEMALE BIKINI JELLO wrestling this Halloween. Never seen that before, might have to check that out.

Bear's Lair in Indian Trail was so much fun. I'm really liking the crowd in there. I am looking forward to seeing the fun levels increase with the hopeful passage of liquor-by-the-drink next week.

Green Room was Green Room, a warm and strangely comforting stew of John's Facebook activity discussions, Lori's overall lead over Sean in stats, met the new group that's under careful watch of Erin (Hey Tony!) and much more.

And Rack 'Em, oh Rack 'Em. Seeing Donny on the Diamond and listening to Tiger talk about how great he is, how else would I finish up my night? ;) (Nothing but love guys...)

There's more than enough stress and bad news all around these days. Nice to get out and have some fun!

And FYI in case you didn't know... Mexican Lunch Wednesdays are supposed to make Tuesday evening hangovers all better. Try it sometime!

Monday, October 26, 2009

8 Ball Express Presents "Come Out & Play" 9-Ball Tournament

8 Ball Express Presents "Come Out & Play" 9-Ball Tournament
Chance to Come Out & Try 8 Ball Express’ 9-Ball Format, Have Fun & Win Prizes!


* Single Player Tournament
* Modified Single Elimination
* $10 Entry Fee
* 100 % Payout = 1st 70%, 2nd 30%
* Race to Best of 3 Games
* Handicapped - Play at:
- Current 9-Ball Handicap, if none then...
- Current 8-Ball Handicap, if none then...
- Will Handicap You Based on 1st Match
- Handicap = # Balls Must Be Made Before Shooting 9-ball
* Giveaways/Prizes For:
- 1st 8 Ball Express Member Out
- Last Female Standing
- And More!
* Will NOT Affect or Determine Handicaps In Regular League Play
* Play Both 8-ball & 9-ball league for chance at $20,000!
* Come out & have fun!

The Other Woman Sports Bar
7200 Albemarle Rd.
Charlotte, NC 28227

CELL: 704.654.1522 OFFICE: 704.545.3599

Click for flyer:

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mid Session Fun

Since we are half way into the session, thought I'd have a little fun. My 7th inning stretch, if you will. Random snippets I've heard around the league lately:

"Yeah, I had to explain to my mom what 'tea bagging' is. I tried to tell her in an email, she couldn't open it, then called me for an explanation." EW! Moms and xxx rated things just don't mix. Why did he look so surprised when I quickly returned to my side of the bar?

"We are changing our team name to 'We Like the Taste of Windows But Our Helmet That We Have To Wear Because We Are So Stupid Gets In the Way and That is Why We Don't Like Helmets'. What do you mean you can't fit that on a scoresheet?" Seriously, can't make this stuff up.

"I'm playing so great I bet I get to be a 7 soon. Oh, wait, our top heavy team can't play me if I'm a 7. Never mind, did I tell you how bad I am playing lately?" This was actually a serious conversation on his end.

(Said by a man to me) "I want to see you mud wrestle that guy over there that works for another pool league. He can borrow my thong. It's a white one that I am wearing inside out and he'll be cool with it." THIS was a joking conversation, but I don't think the guy from the other pool league found it funny. I did.

"How do you rack for a 9-ball game? Do you just turn the triangle sideways?" And he almost beat the very drunk 1 handicap he was playing. Almost.

I could just go on and on and on sometimes. These quips make the late nights interesting, that's for sure! Bank that in a pocket for the win 8 Ball Express members.

Friday, October 16, 2009

So...What's Up?

So...what's up? Questions? Comments? Complaints? Compliments? No news is either good news or REALLY REALLY bad. I'm going with good. :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Old Rack 'Em is Now BAD FISH Billiards

The old Rack 'Em in downtown Matthews is open and now "Bad Fish Billiards". The owners, Danny and Julie Caldwell asked that I spread the word they are looking for 8 Ball Express teams to play in their location. Here's some info:

"Badfish Bar & Billiards is a new pool hall located at
343 West John Street, Downtown Matthews 704-246-8373.
Our league players receive free pool all the time unless we have a waiting list.
We have:
Eleven 9ft Brunswick pool tables
One 7ft Coinop pool table
One 10ft Billiard Table
Liquor Beer & Wine Espresso Bar & Gourmet Coffee Drinks
Island Oasis Frozen Cocktails
Island Oasis Smoothies
Free Pool for League Members Offering Tournaments & League Play for 8ball and 9ball
Poolplayers & Darters Wanted
Come Watch the Panthers With Us!"

If you are interested in playing the Winter Session, (starts Jan 4) stop by or call 704-246-8373 and let Danny know.

Friday, October 2, 2009

The Whole Enchilada

This weekend is the End of Session Championship for 8-Ball teams from the Summer 2009 Session & 9-Ball Teams from Winter/Summer 2009 Sessions.
Even if you are not playing in it, I always recommend members come and check it out to see what it's like, and to watch and support people you've played with and against. Also, when your team makes it, you'll know what to expect!

Friday-Sunday, Oct 2-4, 2009 @
Rack 'Em
1898 Windsor Square Dr
Matthews, NC 28105-4662
(704) 847-7665

The rounds will be played:
* 7:00 p.m. on Friday (1st Round)
* 12:00 p.m. on Saturday (1st Round)
* 5:00 p.m. on Saturday (2nd Round)
* 1:00 p.m. on Sunday (Semi-Finals)
* 5:00 p.m. on Sunday (Finals)