Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mid Session Fun

Since we are half way into the session, thought I'd have a little fun. My 7th inning stretch, if you will. Random snippets I've heard around the league lately:

"Yeah, I had to explain to my mom what 'tea bagging' is. I tried to tell her in an email, she couldn't open it, then called me for an explanation." EW! Moms and xxx rated things just don't mix. Why did he look so surprised when I quickly returned to my side of the bar?

"We are changing our team name to 'We Like the Taste of Windows But Our Helmet That We Have To Wear Because We Are So Stupid Gets In the Way and That is Why We Don't Like Helmets'. What do you mean you can't fit that on a scoresheet?" Seriously, can't make this stuff up.

"I'm playing so great I bet I get to be a 7 soon. Oh, wait, our top heavy team can't play me if I'm a 7. Never mind, did I tell you how bad I am playing lately?" This was actually a serious conversation on his end.

(Said by a man to me) "I want to see you mud wrestle that guy over there that works for another pool league. He can borrow my thong. It's a white one that I am wearing inside out and he'll be cool with it." THIS was a joking conversation, but I don't think the guy from the other pool league found it funny. I did.

"How do you rack for a 9-ball game? Do you just turn the triangle sideways?" And he almost beat the very drunk 1 handicap he was playing. Almost.

I could just go on and on and on sometimes. These quips make the late nights interesting, that's for sure! Bank that in a pocket for the win 8 Ball Express members.


Anonymous said...

My local Democratic representative invited me to a teabagging party in Washington DC recently!
Imagine my disappointment!

Dawn said...

If only you would have known! ;)