Wednesday, October 28, 2009

See You Next Tuesday and the Next One and the Next One

Tuesday night was so much fun! I got to stop by and see so many teams, but not everyone unfortunately. I saw old friends and met new ones and really had fun. Thanks Tuesday teams, I needed that!

Getaway was full of fun as a team that is struggling to hold it all together that had nothing but bad news all week managed to pull together and hammer out a few wins. Yea!!! :)

Found out that a new location for the Winter, Sharky's in Mint Hill, will be offering free Bar-B-Q, a band, and FEMALE BIKINI JELLO wrestling this Halloween. Never seen that before, might have to check that out.

Bear's Lair in Indian Trail was so much fun. I'm really liking the crowd in there. I am looking forward to seeing the fun levels increase with the hopeful passage of liquor-by-the-drink next week.

Green Room was Green Room, a warm and strangely comforting stew of John's Facebook activity discussions, Lori's overall lead over Sean in stats, met the new group that's under careful watch of Erin (Hey Tony!) and much more.

And Rack 'Em, oh Rack 'Em. Seeing Donny on the Diamond and listening to Tiger talk about how great he is, how else would I finish up my night? ;) (Nothing but love guys...)

There's more than enough stress and bad news all around these days. Nice to get out and have some fun!

And FYI in case you didn't know... Mexican Lunch Wednesdays are supposed to make Tuesday evening hangovers all better. Try it sometime!

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