Sunday, June 14, 2009

Overheard Gems and Jewels

Some Random Overheard Things So Far This Session:
  • Player to Captain -P: "Er, what time you got there?" C: (Glances at watch) "Uh, it looks to be right about beer time."

  • Player to Player Upon Arriving at League - P1: "Can I slide my stick down right beside you?" P2: "Ok, but my wife might not like that too much..."

  • Members Discussing a Very Hot Past Team Mate - "She was, um, well sculpted".

  • Player After Missing a Shot - "Not enough English, too much French."

  • Discussing a Shot Where the Cue Ball Flew Up in the Air and Landed back on the Table After Making Legal Contact With Object Ball - P to himself quietly while shrugging: "I don't know what the hell kinda shot that was..." C to his own player while laughing: "It was a good hit, that's what it was!"

  • Random Bar Patron Remarking To Himself After He Was Brushed Off By a Woman - "Well damn, every one's single after 6 beers ain't they?!?!"

  • Player Calls Time Out, Contents of Time Out Discussion - Coach: "I can tell by the way you are hitting that you need a beer. Whatcha drinking?" Player: "What the hell kinda time out is this?" But then player wins game and time out coach yells out "See, beer, it does a body good!"

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