Sunday, March 15, 2009

Your Momma Named You That?!?!

Many moons ago when 8 Ball Express was first being mapped out, the web-based stats program was developed. Part of the development process involved deciding what member information should be collected and stored in order to properly identify players as the numbers grew.
Having been in the South long enough to meet many, many, many people that were named one thing and called another, Kim thought to include a field for "Nickname". This was intended for your "Robert"s being called "Bobby"'s and your "Daniel Jr." being called "Dan".
Somewhere along the line the intent was misread and people started actually writing in nicknames. I'm not talking about the "Beth"s for "Elizabeth"s either. "Tacolicious"...seriously?!?!
Funny thing is, in order to make sure all scores are input correctly, 8 Ball Express asks that you write the nicknames down every time a match is played. This causes teams to call out nicknames during match time to make sure the correct person is written down on the scoresheet.
You tend to recognize 8 Ball Express league play when you hear - "I'm putting Super Pimp Wilson up against Tulip Twanda Poplar Helms." Now how can you not smile and raise an eyebrow at that??
Even funnier is what I've seen at the End of Session Championship Tournament. That's when it really gets good. You see, some divisions/areas are really into it and will throw the craziest nicknames on a scoresheet while some areas are pretty much first names only.
When a team from each meet I usually hear at least one member from the more straight up team say, and I quote, "Your momma named you that?!?!"
Here are some of the more random nicknames I've come across and thought you may get a kick out of:

  • ..•:*¨¨*:•..•:*¨¨*:•.. [Unpronounceable ASCII Symbols] (Greg)
  • Liverdie (Rob)
  • Slick Willie (Dino)
  • Valentino (Todd)
  • Hip hop (Marci)
  • Banana Tree (Kim)
  • Lil' Stanky (Brandi)
  • Betty-Jo Teeter (Sara)
  • Master of Disaster (David)
  • Stank Knuckles McRae (Jacob)
  • Big Balls McGee (Warren)
  • Summabitch (Kenneth)
  • Bobby-Sue Tooter (Mitzi)
  • Smokin' Grassy Cassie (Cassie)
  • The Singing Captain (TC)
  • American Honey (Rhonda)
  • Poppa Smurf (James)
  • Piss 'em In (Shelly)
  • Mermaid (Jean)
  • Little Peanut (Amanda)
  • Dinner Roll (Allen)
  • Ninja Slippers (Brad)
  • Hobblebox (Courtney)
  • Model Citizen (Shane)
  • Lamb Chop (Paul)
  • Barney Rubble (Kenneth)
  • Beth the Rack (Cheryl)
  • Jalapeno On a Stick (Mark)

I'm sure there are all kinds of stories behind these nicknames, some of which I'm a little scared to know. Don't mind me if I ask about them, because I do want to know!

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