Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jukebox Hero

At "The Creek", my new home on Mondays, I met a very memorable person. Apparently she's been a patron of the location as long as the bar has been around. Just ask her and she'll tell you, almost a 30 year member.If you haven't had the "experience" of meeting Jukebox Mary, you really haven't lived.
She's direct and honest and perhaps the raunchiest person I've ever met. But, in her quieter moments, she's also sweet and sincere, bragging on her husband and the love her of life "Leo" (who she affectionately calls "Daddy") and gushing over the fun times she has as a nanny to the little boy she watches closely over during the day.
She's a character all right and one you won't soon forget! She is as much a part of that bar as the jukebox people play and the bar everyone gathers around each night. Check her out at The Creek sometime and tell her Dawn says hi!

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