Monday, March 9, 2009

9-Ball Anyone?

Ever have or want to play 8-Ball Express Nine-Ball ? If not, here are some reasons why you may want to give it a try this Summer!

  1. Improvement: Nine-ball can help improve your eight-ball game by focusing your cue ball control.
  2. Earlier Finishes: Due to the lower amount of balls needed to be pocketed, nine-ball matches tend to finish earlier in the evening than most eight-ball matches.
  3. Lower Ranked Players Can Win Too: 8 Ball Express nine-ball is a straight race to 5 games. You only have to pocket the number of balls equal to your handicap then you can shoot on the nine-ball. (Lower ranked players love being able to win games!)
  4. Combo Shots: Nine-ball can help to improve your combo shooting, as a legal combo pocketing the nine-ball wins a game and players tend to try them more often.
  5. Luck Counts: Since all balls on the table count towards total ball count, as long as you hit the lowest ball on the table 1st, any ball pocketed is good!
  6. Strong Breaks Are Great: Balls pocketed on the break count towards balls made total. If your break is strong, you will be off to a great start!
  7. Push Shots: 8 Ball Express nine-ball allows push shots and, for players ranked 3 & below, push-shot time outs to decide if and where to push.
  8. Independent Handicaps: Eight-ball & nine-ball handicaps in 8BX are independent of each other, and regardless of your current eight-ball handicap, all new players in nine-ball start as 4's.
  9. Reading the Table: Nine-ball helps you hone in and learn to read the table better to plan on next shots.
  10. Every one's Doing It: In recent years, nine-ball has become the game of choice in championship tournament matches in the United States, and more than likely, what you will see the pool pro's playing on ESPN and such.
In addition to the current Thursday In-house and Travel and Friday in house 9-ball team divisions, the Charlotte area 8BX will be offering a NEW Tuesday Travel division for 9-ball teams. If you are interested, let Kim know - 704.545.3599 or 704-607-3797.


Anonymous said...

That is too frigin' cute. Where do you come up with this stuff?

Dawn said...

Anonymous, I don't know, it's kinda my sixth sense... it just comes to me.
P.S. I LOVE that you typed the word "frigin'". I've always wondered how to spell that! ;)