Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Noding And Smiling Yet Again.

Actual conversation between myself and a player on a team last night (Week 11):

8BX Member: What kind of work do you do?
Dawn (ordering Corona): I work for the pool league, 8 Ball Express.
Member: Oh, I didn't realize there was a business side to it.
Dawn (smiling): Well, it'd be hard to imagine trusting volunteers to distribute $10,000 once a session I would think.
Member: $10,000!?!??! What do you mean $10,000?
Dawn: Well, ok, or awarding the team trip. Volunteers may not have the patience to book it.
Member: TEAM TRIP?!
Dawn: Yes, you know, if you win the End of Session tournament. The dates will be on the website soon.
Dawn: Uh-huh....
Member: I didn't realize you could win something for playing each week! I've been telling my wife I just go out and play pool with a bunch of drunks. I think I'm going to try harder now.
Dawn: That may be a good idea.
Member: I won a blue ribbon once in a chili cook-off, but $10,000 would be so much cooler.
Dawn: Can't argue with that...

Then, the rest of the night, whenever he would catch my eye he would just mouth the words "$10,000 dollars" and I would just nod and smile.:)

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Anonymous said...


Funny story, can see the guy repeatedly mouthing $10,000 over and over. I was relieved to see my outlook finally got the proper date in the RSS feed! Not sure if you fixed it or if my office updates did. Looking forward to Thursday.