Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tony Says...

Tony told me today this Blog is garbage. Apparently when he went to post a reply/comment to a previous post he was unable to. (He couldn't enter in the letter verifications because he saw no letters to verify.)
If this happens to you, email me your response and I'll post it, good/bad/ugly.
If you run into this issue or if this has happened, please email me - and I'll be deservedly ticked off with Blogger. I mean, man, I want to get my money's worth out of this thing...even if it is free!


Anonymous said...

Tony was mis-quoted! Tony would never say this blog was garbage!
Tony is awesome!!

Dawn said...

Ok, Tony said that the blog was "not working correctly". Dawn said "garbage". But Tony is European and they all speak in codes.

Anonymous said...

But Tony does say that there is absolutely no place in 8 Ball Express for "Builders Bum"!

It's Wednesdays washing, hang it out on WEDNESDAY!

Ladies, you know who you are!!

Dawn said...

What is this "Wednesday Washing"? Inquiring minds want to know...well I do.