Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Playoffs Are Coming!

As both a friend and a league manager, kindly let me offer the following tips to those who will be in the playoffs to ensure a safe and happy holiday post-season:

  • Two people will step to the table, one will win and one will not. Accept this and move on. Do not talk bad about their mother or question their moral up bringing if you loose. You just look silly and I may have to laugh at you and include you in a future blog post.

  • I don't care how good a player is or what your put up strategy is, if a player is drunk or drinking heavily, play them early or not at all, then call a cab. You can check with the bartender before hand if not sure or make them do a practice lag to judge. If the ball flies off the table, ends up in a pocket or they try to lag with a coaster, just go ahead and bench them. They probably weren't going to win anyways.

  • The rules are the same in post season as in regular season. Keep this in mind during the regular season AND the post season. While it's not right, if during weeks 1-13 you've let opposing teams go over the handicap limit, take 20 minute time outs, run late and then weeks 14-playoffs turn around and hold them to every rule in the book, don't be surprised if they don't exactly send you a Christmas card or ask for a group hug when it's all over. How about, for the most part, sticking to the rules through the Session to avoid this sudden change of good will. This will help people learn rules and hopefully avoid unnecessary confrontation. Chances are you will see your opponents again/play against them after all is said and done, so treat them accordingly.

  • Week 2 of the Playoffs is not the optimal time to bring up handicap questions. If you see something Playoff Week 2 you've never seen before, like a 2 running racks, ok then, it is the optimal time. But if you've known/suspected for a while that a handicap is not right, let us know as soon as you can. If you know something isn't right the ENTIRE Session or even the 2nd half of it, but only let us know if your team looses AFTER the matches are all done, the situation is a lot messier than it has to be. We can handle the issues much better if we know there may be an issue AHEAD of time. Contact kim@8ballexpress.com right now if you have a handicap complaint or if you think there may be another issue at a match coming up.

  • Don't take out your issues/stress/problems on your opposing team or your league manager. Hey, we've all got problems these days. How about you leave yours at home and let everyone have a good time! If you can't don't be surprised if you are removed from the league. One bad grape will not be allowed to spoil a bunch (or a division).

  • 8 Ball Express is competitive but above all else it's about coming out each week and having a good time.

Now, good luck and have fun!

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