Monday, December 8, 2008

Ne Plus Ultra

Wow, this is it! This is the crux, the climax, the apex, the ne plus ultra ending of 16 total weeks of play. After this week everyone will know which teams will compete for a total of $20,000 in either the Winter 2008 8-ball or 9-ball End of Session Championships.

I've seen some fierce competition out there, matches pitting cousin against cousin, girlfriend versus boyfriend, but happily, most teams depart their matches still on speaking terms.

I think I overheard it put best last night, when one player looked over the simply despicable defensive position he had been left and muttered "I hope your mother loves you, because I sure as hell don't." followed by laughter from both teams.

Good luck to everyone and see you in January! (If you don't make it with a team, we always need volunteer referees.) {Wink}

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