Sunday, November 30, 2008

50% Chance is Better Than No Chance!

Today we held the Charlotte End of Session meeting and Wildcard Draw. In order to screen out the teams that aren't interested in post-season play, 8-Ball Express requires one person (not the Captain, just one of possibly 8 members) from each team attend in person to be entered in the blind draw. The team drawn will play the 1st place team from their division to see who goes to the Championship. For some reason or another, we have teams that send no person to the meeting, therefore forfeiting their chances to possibly make it to our End of Session Championship and play for $10,000.
After winning her division's Wildcard Draw by default (she was the only player from 4 possible teams that were present), I overheard K.K. say the following and have to agree completely "Now, why would you play all session long, then not show for a possible 50% chance to make it to the playoffs?" I don't understand either, but congratulations for winning your team a chance to play in the post-season!


alicefayenjbj said...

Dawn, This is my first time playing in a league and I sent you an email about when I registered on the site it had problems. I play for JP's on Wednesday night. I just found the blog and plan on coming here ofter now.

I am really enjoying playing pool, not very sure you don't want to lower it from a 2 to a 0 or even going into negative numbers? LOL

Thanks to all those who I have played. I have learned a whole heck of a lot from you all.

AF Yandle

Dawn said...

Thanks for my 1st official comment (other than a Spammer)!
Glad you like the blog and 8 Ball Express. I will put the "negative handicap" suggestion into the "suggestion box", and, well, who knows...maybe we'll vote on it sometime!
Thanks for reading and playing,