Sunday, February 8, 2009

Best Worst Case Scenario

Thursday night I was in one of 8 Ball Express' host locations when a player with a handicap of 8 was demonstrating a theory he has.
The theory did not have a name, but I'll refer to it as "The Best Worst Case Scenario" theory. Basically, you should plan each shot as if you acknowledge there is no "perfect leave." He was saying that after you make a ball, plan to leave the cueball on the side of your next object ball that leaves you with the most options, i.e. "Best Worst Case Scenario". Try to pocket your ball into the pocket that will leave the cueball with the most possibilities for the next shot and not ever count on the ball going exactly where you want it to. Doing so will cause you to send the cueball to the area of the table with the most shots/options, not just trying for the one easiest or one best shot. This way, if and when you mess up, you still have options.
It's hard to explain in a post, but fascinating to watch. If you are ever at EB's, check out J.B.'s theories of pool. (Ask him about triangles...)

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