Friday, January 30, 2009

25 Random Things

There is a note circulating through Facebook called "25 Random Things About Me". People post things they consider interesting and then other people do the same. Here are 25 Random Things About 8 Ball Express you may or may not know:

  1. 8 Ball Express was started in 2002, 8 years ago.

  2. The 1st session there were 42 teams and 7 divisions.

  3. Player numbers start with # 1 (Kim Paul) and as of today excceed # 5690.

  4. There has always been at least the prize option of an all expense paid team trip given, even with 7 teams in the tournament.

  5. The first team that won the End of Session Championship was out of Rack Em.

  6. They chose to go on a 7 day Western Caribbean Cruise.

  7. Mark Fox was the team Captain.

  8. Teams have traveled to Jamacia, the Bahamas, Dominican Rupublic, Aruba, Cabo San Lucas, St. Thomas, Barbados and Antigua.

  9. At least one member took their first plane ride ever during a trip they won playing 8 Ball Express.

  10. There will never be more than 10 teams in a division playing.
  11. Divisions equaling 12 teams or more are always split into two divisions.

  12. Smaller divisions do not generate more income, but provide more opportunity for teams playing to make it to the End of Session Championship.

  13. If the amount of 8-ball divisions playing reaches a certain amount, there will be two tournament brackets and two winners.

  14. Same goes for 9-Ball.

  15. In addition to the Trip, the cash prize of $10,000 has been offered for 6 sessions now.

  16. The cash prize is now offered due to complexities with passports, teams having a hard time getting time off from work and differences over deciding where everyone wants to go.

  17. At least one team currently playing has said they will take the trip option if they ever win.

  18. They want to all go on a cruise together.

  19. Since the cash prize has been offered, only one team has chosen to take "the Trip".

  20. While a few members play 5 nights a week (S-Th), no one member has played six nights a week as of yet. (We do offer League on Fridays in Rock Hill, SC but nowhere do we play on Saturdays).

  21. We have almost an equal number of handicapped 1's that play weekly as we do 8's.
  22. While both 8-ball and 9-ball formats are offered, 8 Ball Express is the League's official name.
  23. In 8 Ball Express 9-ball, push shots are allowed.
  24. At least 25 t-shirts/free memberships are given away each session at the various Start of Session and End of Session meetings. (All members are invited, not just the team captains).
  25. Kim gives away at least 4 free 8 Ball Express zippo lighters at these meetings too!

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