Sunday, January 25, 2009

Make New Friends, But Keep the Old

I am heading off to bed after a long Sat. working the End of Session Championship, but before I do I thought I'd jot down some thoughts from what I've seen so far. Here goes...
  • During a 9-Ball match Trey Ashcraft pocketed a ball and even his opponents had to shout out "Great Shot!" He then walked over, handed the woman he was playing the cue ball and said "No it wasn't, I double kissed it, ball in hand to you".
  • There was a situation where a player had been marking his pocket and then changed and called the pocket for his 8-ball during the last game. One team called loss of game, the other said no. When consulted, the player who was not shooting the 8-ball could have said, "No, I didn't acknowledge the call." and won. She instead spoke honestly and said, "Yes, I acknowledge the pocket and he won".
  • After loosing the first match of the first round, I saw a woman come over to the lady who beat her and give her a hug, telling her great game.
  • Heard a man say "Money won is twice as sweet as money earned.", quoting Paul Newman from 'The Color of Money'.
  • Two teams from the same location played each other. They team that did not win celebrated and congratulated the winners and made sure to get a photo of the entire group.
  • The first guideline to winning the End of Championship tournament is make sure you have fun. The second guide is don't let your Captain (or whoever makes all the team decisions) get too sloshed. The third guideline should be if Captain (or said decision-maker) is three sheets to the wind, don't let him/her near the opposing team where they will inevitably tell them your team's strategy. This will not help your chances ANY!
  • Said aloud by myself "You don't loose when you come the the End of Championship, you just finally stop winning." (This is why you get a trophy no matter what place you end up!)
  • The winner of the cue raffle found out he had won by sheer luck. Something along these lines - Craig happens to walk by Tim's table. Craig: "Who won the cue raffle?" Tim: "Someone from Rock Hill." Craig: "Oh yeah? I'm from Rock Hill. Who was it?" Tim: Craig someone." Craig: "I'm Craig." Tim: "Craig ...Trovinger?" Craig: "YEAH!" Tim: "Let me see that ticket." (And it was him!)
  • Heard from a Raleigh member "I love coming to Charlotte to play in the tournament! This is a great vacation for me. I just get a hotel room, play pool, drink all weekend and sleep in. I just wouldn't feel right about doing that in my own house."

Good times, good times!

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