Sunday, January 11, 2009

I Just Nod and Smile...Nod and Smile...

Recently overheard at host locations:
  • At one of our locations the juke box is, well, slightly uneven. I overheard someone walking in say "Oh man...I'm gonna drink 'til that juke box is straight!"
  • "I'm taking an informal poll. Should this bar add a stripper's pole in the middle for more fun?"
  • "Nice rack! Oh yeah, your balls look good too!"
  • (Said quite seriously:)"Coaches shouldn't be able to cause a foul, but it's ok if they are on the team against us."
  • "How can there be male 1's? Only women can be that bad at pool." (Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.)
  • "I would rather play against 11 other teams than only 5. That way we have a better chance of winning." (There was more to this reasoning, but this is how the conversation started.)

Wow, and this is only the 1st week of play! All I can do is just nod and smile...nod and smile. ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Nodding& Smiling!