Monday, January 26, 2009


It's over, it's finally over! The tournament is won, the teams have finished playing and my celebratory glass of wine has been drunk. Some more things I want to jot down:
  • Paul Son from Raleigh is everyone's favorite pool player.
  • Cornbread from Charlotte was a 1st place team that did not make it through the playoffs and was drawn to fill a bye in the tournament.
  • Good Morning Sean!
  • $10,000 is enough to make a grown man cry (both over winning and loosing).
  • Evey Hodge was not nervous playing her hill match, but just got stuck with a cue ball on the rail shot she is not good at making. (Only person in the Finals I've ever heard say they were NOT nervous and I believed it.)
  • I had to explain to Kim, Tina and Freddy what a "Jimmy Hat" was. (Talk about awkward...)
  • Freddy is not allowed to walk by himself any more.
  • Doc Chappell from Rock Hill helping Rhonda Hull's sick dog, a personal miracle for her.
  • A Winston-Salem team made it to the semi-finals this tournament, the farthest they've ever made it! (Keep practicing, you are due soon!)
  • Most diverse semi's I can remember. Teams from Dallas/Gastonia, Charlotte, Raleigh and Winston-Salem all played in the semi-final rounds.
  • The closer you get to 1st, the harder it is to loose. (Shouldn't 1st round outs be the most upset, not 2nd place?!?!?!)
  • Teams can loose and still be good sports.

All right Winter 2009 session teams, good luck, play smart and have fun so I can see you at the next tournament!

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